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인도 (씽 선교사)

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My most respected Moksanim and Samonim

Hope you both are doing well.

Moksanim's msgs I remember and Samonim's Hearttouching Testimony how in Village, a Small Girl used to follow Bus and Car hold it and smell its Smoke.

Since last Feb 2020 India came under grip of Covid19, and now third wave.

This Pandemic really brought India 40 yrs behind

and 4,00000,000 people lost Jobs

One out of four go Hungry daily in India.

Radical Hindu parties are great Hurdle before Church, many churches are burnt, and pastors beaten.

We are po raying very hard


Pictures will show how so many left Bombay, Madras and other Big Cities and ranvto their Villages.

Many died on the way.


Need your Prayers

Moksanim and Samonim Sarang Ham Nida


In Him

Pastor V.K.Singh

P.S Many miserable people walked without Food Water for days.